Gravity Bot

In this Sci-Fi Physics-Based Puzzle Game, you control a little robot with a big power. Use your power of changing gravity to stop the space pirates and return all the stolen goods to their owners.

The space pirates are stealing a lot of stuff. Luckily this little robot has the power to stop them. After infiltrating in their ship and causing a security breach, you gain acces to the ship gravitational system. Use the gravity changing power to overcome dangerous obstacles while advancing in their space ship.

You have access to 3 gravitational levels: Normal Gravity, Zero Gravity, Reverse Gravity. Switching the gravity will affect you as well as other objects in the room so you will have to be mindful all the consequences it can have.

You can watch the trailer right here! ↓ ↓ ↓

Who are we?

A team of young people who love games and especially making them.

Currently working on a Gravity Bot - a 3D physics-based puzzle game.

You can find more about us here.