About us

Being passionate about games sience childhood and their creation since school, I started creating small games for my fun and those around me. I experimented, I learned, I developed and I evolved to become who I am today. Games are my passion, and together with the team we are working on games since 2019.

Soon we will enjoy other new games with which you will have fun playing, you will be able to relax and you will even be able to compete with your friends!

Founder of CyberWolves Studio


In 2019, on December 7, Ubisoft Craiova organized a Game Jam. The theme of this Game Jam was gravity, and we had 24 hours to create a game. Our goal was to have fun and it was an unforgettable experience. It was fun, intense, fast, great, and the games I competed with in the end were really cool!

This competition trained our imagination, ability to work in a team and work under pressure.

There were many competitors, about 20 teams. The jury had a list of evaluation terms, and new positive emotions and a little worries.

Following the contestants' vote (we all voted which contestant game we liked the most!) we won first place. Our game was preferred by most participants!

The jury decided that we deserved the first place. We were the winners of this contest, even if we just went to have fun! It was a successful experience and made us understand that in 24 hours you can do a lot!

If you are passionate about something, do it. It will bring you a lot of positive impressions and an impulse to do something more, to live your life the way you want!

Sincerely, CyberWolves Studio